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MY Favourite Things To Do In The Rain

Unfortunately, Cornwall isn’t always bursting with sunshine – as much as we wish it was! Therefore, finding something to do when the weather isn’t as nice as usual can be difficult. To make your holiday as seamless as possible we’ve created a list of fun activities that don’t require sunshine.


1. Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail allows you to step into the sinister side of Cornwall’s history. Walking around the jail you uncover the stories of people who were locked away and the mystery surrounding some of them. From Anne Jeffrys seeing fairies to Mathew Weeks who was sentenced to death for a murder that still remains a mystery.

2. Lanhydrock

Lanhydrock is an old manor house, located just outside of Bodmin. The house itself is perfect for exploring on a rainy day and provides lots of rich, detailed information on its history. It has stretching gardens that can be explored in between the showers and expansive woodland that can provide some shelter from the rain.

3. Museum of Witchcraft

If you venture into the village of Boscastle, you’ll stumble across the Museum of Witchcraft. This is a rather unique place to visit and allows you to explore Cornwall’s connection with witchcraft. It certainly makes for a peculiar day out, but an interesting one.

4. The Eden Project

The Eden Project has indoor biomes that represent different climates. The rainforest biome is definitely the most famous and gives you the opportunity to explore the jungle without having to leave the country. They also have amazing outdoor gardens that can be explored on the sunny days.

5. Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium, in Newquay, hosts a gigantic range of different ocean life, from Caiman to sharks. This is bound to be a success as it has something for everyone in the family and is informative and educational at the same time.

6. The Tate

The Tate, down in St Ives, is a wonderful, nationally recognised art gallery. Located right on the waterfront the building itself is a wonderful demonstration of architecture. Inside there are numerous amazing pieces of art, that everyone can appreciate.

7. The Cinema

If you just want somewhere to relax away from the weather, you can immerse yourself in a movie a one of the local cinemas, the Regal in Wadebridge, and the Lighthouse in Newquay.

8. Go In The Sea

Why not just embrace the fact you’re going to get wet and head to the sea, it can be a fairly unusual experience floating around in the rain. There a still numerous activities that are still enjoyable in the rain, including paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, and swimming.